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Special Edition 50 Jahre BMW M Coming Soon


BMW’s M Division turns 50 years old next year, and the German automaker plans to celebrate with a special edition model (or models). Based on some recent trademark filings from BMW, we assumed the 50th anniversary might see the return of a long-dead M3 variant called the Evo Sport. However, another trademark filing with the DPMA in Germany points to a more likely candidate for the next year’s celebration. We can say with near certainty that BMW will reveal at least one Jahre Edition model in 2022.

BMW trademarked “50 Jahre BMW M,” likely in preparation for these celebratory special editions. Along with the name itself, the trademark application also includes a logo (pictured below) featuring the special edition name with M’s iconic blue, violet, and red stripes on either side. “Blue stands for BMW, red for motorsport and violet for the unique combination of the two,” says BMW.


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