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KomalC Leather Briefcase – Best Bag for Compact Laptops REVIEWS



Really pretty leather, heavy duty hardware, accurate stitching, and a nice smell. The hand signed letter best bag from Kamal is nice.

It was born out of a young girl’s passion for creating exquisite handmade leather articles. It all started in a small town called Lynchburg Tennessee, Where Komal, A Handmade Leather Artist, Started giving shapes to her creativity and started offering her creations to clients through shelves on Coffee shops, Gas stations and super markets.

One distinguishing characteristic for me was the number of smaller but usable pockets. Many bags only had larger pockets, which can be annoying when you have little gadgets or smaller items that you want to keep together. This one has 4 of these. AND it also has a few larger pockets for notebooks and such as well.

It also managed to hold my laptop (15.5″ surfacebook pro), a padfolio, a power adapter for my laptop, and all my other random nonsense (mifi, USB charger and cables, business card case, wallet, keys, phone, etc.) without being overstuffed… that was basically the limit of what it could hold and still be usable (and it’s a little hard to fish out the power brick), but that is the extreme of what I would carry, so it works great).

If you’re a full-time techie (as I used to be) and need to carry around tons of other gadgets like labelmakers, external hard drives, etc., then this bag will probably not work for you, but if you’re needing a typical amount of storage for a typical “office worker” (as I now am), then this will likely be great.

Also, the quality is great, and the bag looks absolutely wonderful. (imo… the best of the 6 i bought… but, there’s a lot of objectiveness to that)One person found this helpful


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This bag is amazing. Superb quality all around - exceeded all expectations

This bag is amazing. Superb quality all around - exceeded all expectations ,the product is absolutely beautiful with quality craftsmanship that I believe will hold up for as long as I need, assuming its well maintained. Super solid. Mine isnt super light like some people claim, maybe just a hair lighter than the color in the ad picture. There's a faily large natural crease on the flap of mine which I think looks really nice and makes it unique (doesn't distort the shape). I will probably buy some Chamberlains #3 to condition and waterproof as I am a little reluctant to use mink oil. After that and some breaking in it will be perfect. Fits my laptop which is a hair over 15" and pretty thick, also has a mouse usb protruding from the side and still fits comfortably. I was able to fit the laptop, charger, wallet, phone, padfolio and three ring binder all in snugly with room for other small belonging and papers.

  • High-quality brown buffalo leather
  • Vintage patina with retro buckles –
  • Surface Pro perfectly with sleeve, water bottle, umbrella, eye glasses, and lots of other cables and daily junk.
  • Suitable for laptops that are 15.6 inches or smaller –
  • Affordable
  • packaging is a bit overkill, and the straps take more time to secure or open than a zipper.

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KomalC Leather Briefcase 15 Inch Retro Buffalo

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