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How Hermès, Chanel and Dior Rank in 2021

Where the ALBA scores have provided us with a lot of food for thought, the biggest question remains – how luxury brands will perceive  and act on this information. We wonder what tricks they’ll pull out of their hats to catapult their scores or as in the case of Chanel and Dior, to retain their positions!

As brands look at their scores with a beady eye, we did some analyses of our own; and realized that the scores aren’t that surprising, after all! We have witnessed over the past couple of months, how the Chanel frenzy has reached the highest level of mysterious allure, that Hermès has been the master of, for years.


Dior too has upped its ante on social media and even reintroduced old classics in glamorous avatars. The numbers of its online sales and searches, more than validate Dior’s scores and success.

That being said, we did not pre-empt Louis Vuitton scoring so poorly! Especially, with the Pont 9 and Multi Pochette doing so well in the recent past, resulting in the revenues and stocks of the company showing a promising rise.

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