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Exclusive Release | Alpha One Niner x Carryology Stealth Cobra Evade

The rise of the Stealth Cobra

When searching for the codename lots of you have come to love, we sat down with Helmie to talk, and asked if there were any specific creatures or characters or symbols that had some kind of significance in his personal history… He’d served in the Armed Forces, and was a military man through and through; was there anything from his story that could spark something… and he left the room and came back and held a plaque out… and there it was… a cobra coiled and rearing up, representing his HQ 6 Division. It was done. 

Our Senior Editor, Laurence Fry, a talented graphic designer, designed the patch to adorn the pack’s exterior Velcro field. This is our very first molded patch with a geometric cobra with orange eyes and orange fangs, in a striking position to face the viewer. Of course, like all of A19’s standard Evade backpacks, this collaboration Evade comes with a matching fabric panel to cover the Velcro field, if you choose to run the pack clean and stealthy. 

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