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Are Your Shoes to Blame for Your Back and Foot Pain?

Shoes: Symbol of fashion

Gone are the days when only the celebrities used to talk about their love for shoes and how they cannot resist from spending hundreds of dollars on trendy designer footwear. Today, we find the wardrobe of common people like you and me, filled with different designs and colors of shoes. Yes, I love shoes and never hesitate from buying footwear of different types to embellish our feet. However, recently, I developed a pain in my ankle. I was feeling the pain more especially when I was walking on my high heel. As the pain aggravated, my friends told me to see a doctor. The woman doctor asked me a couple of questions such as have I experienced similar pain in the past, do I have gout or any particular foot problem history? What kind of shoes I wear. When I said I love to wear high heels, she immediately told me to stop wearing them and also gave me some medication for pain relief.

Foot problems caused due to wearing wrong shoes

My doctor also explained that however small our feet is, it is a complex structure made of 26 bones, 33 joints, and many types of muscles, tendons and soft tissues. So, we really need to take care of our foot to stay away from pain and discomfort. Also, she said, our feet act as a shock absorber when we walk. Good, comfortable shoes help our feet absorb shock properly. However, tight-fitted heels or flats disrupt shock absorption activity and affect the normal functioning of the feet.

Every day, our feet have to handle so much pressure since our total body weight rests on our feet. So, the problem starts when your foot is unable to take up pressure exerted when standing or moving. You need to see you are wearing comfortable footwear to help your feet cope up with the tremendous force exerted upon them.

A research co-commissioned by Public Health England says typically every employee should spend 4 hours on their feet. It equivalents to taking 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day. Now, if you wear bad shoes then during all these hours of walking, you are actually hurting your foot and causing it to pain. Moreover, it is not just your joints that start aching; your back will also start to pain if you don’t stop wearing hard soled, tight-fitting footwear. Narrowly pointed shoe with no space for the toes to move and breathe causes a number of foot ailments in women. The delicate bones and tissues in our foot become stiff and also break due to long time use of bad footwear.

You might have noticed many people limping when walking due to problematic shoes. High-heels put pressure on the tip of your toes causing the pelvis to arch forward and the back to curve abnormally hurting your back.

How to tackle foot problems?

If you have foot problem, does it mean you cannot wear shoes at all? Doctors worldwide talk about some helpful types of footwear to try if you have the following problems.

  • Corns and calluses: Try wide, box-toed shoes
  • Ingrown toenails: Wear sandals or open-toed footwear
  • Bunions: Wear soft soled, wide-toed shoes
  • Hammertoe or claw toe: Wide, box-toed shoes with toe pads are ideal
  • Back pain: Wear flats with cushioned sole


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